Monday, December 3, 2007

Visible Wiring

Back in the day, they didn't bother concealing wiring on ceilings. This way, you got to appreciate the journeys of electricity currents, all of which are working extra voltage overtime to light the way to knowledge.

Today there was a nasty dump of a rain/wind storm. It hasn't really stopped raining and winding since this morning, and now it's 1:22 am and the drops are keeping me awake. Whenever it rains, we are trained to avert special concern to the Olde Library. Because of its "bare bones" style and relative oldness, it is especially susceptible to flooding. Today I did a thorough inspection, but luckily, I did not have to break out the sandbags just yet. Hopefully it'll be okay tomorrow, but honestly, I'm worried - this is an unrelenting mother of a storm. But I figure, if the Olde Library has withstood decades upon centuries of inclement Portland weather, it can handle this. In fact, this is probably a harmless shower compared to the Great Flood of 1996.

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