Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pictures Coming Soon!!

That's right...never-before-seen insider snapshots of The Olde Library!! I'll bet you're as excited as I am (but I'm not sure that's possible because I'm pretty excited!)

You can't properly experience The Olde Library without entering it yourself, but since it's off-limits to 99.9 (to the nth power) percent of the population, I'm going to be posting some pictures I took the last time I was there.

Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

First Post!!

I don't expect anyone to ever visit this blog because it's for an assignment, but if you just happened to link up here, it must be your lucky day.

This blog is dedicated to the Olde Library at Oregon Health and Sciences University in Portland. The Olde Library is such a prized antique, it is not open to the public, but because I work at the Main (aka "New") Library, I get to go on special field trips to the Olde Library to retrieve old books and journals for doctors and researchers who want to learn from the past.

Some of my co-workers hate going to the Olde Library. They use falsely impressionistic adjectives like "creepy" to describe what I like to call "intimidating mystique." I don't really care what they think, but if "creeped" is all they feel when they visit the Olde Library, they are just missing out.